To Future Startups: Something to Learn from Slack

To Future Startups Something to Learn from Slack

The evaluation of Slack rose to $2.8 bn within less than two years and it has doubled for the last six months.

And this was achieved without any special efforts or campaigns on behalf of the developers. The growth curve of the user base and mega positive reviews in the media are something most startups dream of. Although, only few can actually get it.

In recent years, corporate startups have become more popular, considering a certain drop off in the consumer trend and the fact that big data continues to shape the way things are done in business. By no means, Slack can be called the first corporate tool for teamwork that attracted a lot of attention. But this messaging app is original because every strategic solution of this company, from product design to corporate contract structure was thoroughly tested and adjusted correspondingly. Thus, every such a solution contributes to making the messenger look better in its customers’ eyes.

Also, since Slack has become a model to look up to around the world, one should note a few key factors that made this messaging app (and also a few others) a unicorn in its field.

Slack Cooperation

Something to Learn from Slack CooperationThe information the project team works with must be easy to access from any part of the globe, open to editing with different tools, and be convenient to view.

The HighFive video conference service and Quip, an analogue to Google.Docs, work particularly in this sphere.

Slack Databases

Almost all most promising startups made in 2015 created solutions that allow managing, understanding and capitalizing Big data. The more vivid and better quality data visualizing an app offers, the more it will be popular with the corporate segment.

Delfix – a company that has been working with the latest trend of data-as-a-service (DaaS) – is actively developing in this market.

Slack Business analytics with a human face

The fact that Big data is becoming more popular and interesting has brought up a demand for startups that can clarify the way this Big data works. The trouble is that a startup like this requires the knowledge of both databases and animated graphics skills.

So far, the largest startup in this market is Looker, a company, which works with companies like Yahoo!, Warby Parker, Asana and others. Looker showed 400% growth in 2014.

Slack Attracting and retaining users

Something to Learn from Slack_It is no secret that all of the aforementioned is pointless if there are no customers. These days, customers are spoiled, fussy, and are not eager to part with their money. However, digital reality is coming to our aid – both to startups and to big players. E.g., Radius startup offers a platform for marketing analytics, which independently collects data about customers and suggests solutions that could help sales department workers.

In any case, the above-mentioned startups prove that companies and entrepreneurs that are just starting to work are able to handle the issues of the corporate segment. In return for a good product, all they ask for is investments and, besides, they will guarantee profits in the future.

Slack is a particularly good example, of course.

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