Beet made up from clips

Beet is an iOS social application for sharing videos, where clips can be quickly recorded and posted to Stories. However, it is in no way like Snapchat, regardless of the fact that the two apps were labeled rivals.

BEET IS EYEING SNAPCHAT USER BASEThe app’s creators even set completely different goals: Beet’s team wants to bring back spontaneity and openness to online communication by pushing users to share their life experiences in the form of short, emotional and slightly edited clips. The duration of each video is no more than six seconds.

User profiles are made up from clips, recorded by the user (the user can manage their profile contents: delete, swap clips and so on). The user can also decide how public he/she wants their profiles to be: very or not at all. You can also share your videos via email, WhatsApp or simply post them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social communication platform.

Beet is about moments of life

There aren’t any available video editing filters: clips are meant to capture important life moments, so that you can relive them in the future.

BEET IS EYEING SNAPCHAT’S USERSThat’s, basically, the idea for the app: no ‘followers’ or celeb posts – only the most valuable moments of life with exclusive invites. The ideal way of using it is to create a sort of video story about a child’s life. But don’t focus exclusively on the important dates and remember to update your profile with everyday moments as well to satisfy your distant loving grandparents.

Interestingly, brands are offered an Understanding Beet 101 course and are guided through the process of creating marketing plans within the platform.

We should once again stress the fact that despite the apparent similarities with Snapchat, Beet is about something completely different. It still tries to create an intimate setting for a personal experience, backed by a cozy private video archive storage. US media claim that it is unlikely that the app will see the same success Snapchat did, but, be that as it may, it will occupy its well-deserved niche and it will receive its share of investment funds.

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