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The unusual feature of the new messaging app is that it carries out the functions of a notice board for the Y Generation. This is what a Singapore company, Social Ink Pte Ltd, that released the Ink Messenger, says about it. According to the creators, this app is totally different from any other messenger app that is operating in the market at the moment.

Ink MessengerThe first unusual feature is the absence of any keyboard. Instead, a user can doodle, write, scribble, using the stylus or his/her fingers. The outcome of these experiments can be sent to your friends or beloved ones.

Another basic difference involves stickers. Unlike the standard practice, when sticker packs are made and implemented by the messenger team, Ink Messenger offers another solution. Apparently, users can make their own sticker packs: draw them by hand, etc. You are also allowed to crop parts out of existing images found on the Internet and make your own stickers out of them.

Apart from having fun, exchanging stickers and drawing rubbish, this messenger allows swapping more serious stuff with your recipients, like charts, diagrams, schemes and tables. The Singapore app team promises that this would be done with no extra effort.

There is also a public notice board built in by default. This board allows the community to share their opinion on various issues, share their attitude or emotional reactions to different events. The first such event, which will be reflected on this virtual notice board, will be the US Independence Day, traditionally celebrated on July 4th.

Ink MessengerIt is still, really, a mystery what developers really mean in their pre-release announcements, since the app is so far available for US audience only, although it runs both on Android and Apple gadgets.

According to James Chen, the Social Ink Pte Ltd founder, the basis of the app is the idea of a social notice board, where users could communicate individually or in groups, do it freestyle, and use the numerous unlimited opportunities of expressing themselves in creative ways.

Social Ink Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore in 2014. The prior goal of the startup is to develop mobile social platforms in the fields of mobile communication and social interaction.

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