It is difficult to surprise anyone with a messenger in 2015.

  • Humongous WhatsApp, where the number of users is nearing a billion
  • Viber with stickers and public chats
  • KakaoTalk, Tango, LINE with games
  • Encrypted Telegram.

Sometimes it seems that the number of messengers is increasing faster than the number of their users. Everyone is copying each other, differing in the little things.

This is when it finally came alongDasher.

Like Harry Potter is the boy that lived, Dasher is the messenger that stood out.

None of your friends are there yet, which is why you simply must get everyone and their mother involved.

What makes it so good?

  1. GIFs
  2. Smartlinks
  3. The “Find a place” and “On My Way” features

It’s hard imagining a technology, invented in 1987, basking in popularity today. Sadly, messengers renounced GIFs in favor of stickers.

Dasher is a fully-fledged GIFenger. You can send relevant GIFs by entering the respective hashtag:

  • #awesome
  • #facepalm
  • #fail and so on

Get ready for a whole lotta spam, cuz all of your newly-registered friends will try out EVERY possible hashtag.

The interface does not have any redundant buttons or icons, everything is very minimalistic. Besides the main feature – GIFs – you gotta checks out the On MY Way function, which will broadcast your movement for one hour. It is just perfect for people, who are sick of where-are-you-already phone calls.

Instead of the standard “Share location” option, you get to try Dasher’s “Find a place”. For instance, if you type “beer” in the search box you’ll get an itinerary to the nearest pub, “McDonald’s” – takes you to the closest restaurant of the fast food chain.

Dasher has another indisputable advantage – smartlinks. YouTube videos start playing in the chat, while links to articles come with a short preview.

To sum up:

Dasher is a messenger that managed to surprise everyone. It’s a messenger that you really want to use, but its lack of publicity might rid us of this sensation.


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