Feeling tired of monotonous chatting in messaging apps? Here’s the solution: Chargies, an innovative app by Noosphere Nest.

In early May, the Noosphere team, involving Zoltán Stekkelpak and Artem Chetverykov, released a new cross-platform app for iOS and Android called Chargies. The new feature it offers is that this product brings a messaging app and a game together. This makes communication easy, natural and enjoyable.

The way this app works is very simple. You download Chargies to your smartphone, and install it. After that, you receive 10 characters, also called Chargies. At the very beginning, the Chargies are very active and cheerful. However, if all these characters stay on one smartphone for a long time, they quickly discharge and lose their juice of life. To save your Chargies, you need to exchange them as often as you can with people on your contact list.

Thus, the process of transferring these characters must be ceaseless: you also have to send on the Chargies you receive from other contacts to other users. This means that you will constantly stay in touch with your friends. Interesting, isn’t it?

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From time to time, the messaging app will be telling you which Chargies are running out of juice and have to be transferred urgently. Should you fail to transfer all of the ten characters, you get kicked out of the game and have to start it all over again.

If the person you send the “pets” to has also the Chargies app installed on their phone, they will receive the Chargie at once. If the contact does not have it installed, then he/she will first receive an invite to join the app community.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the Chargies app is free and multilingual. It is already available in the App Store and Google Play.

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