Vidao, LetsHang and Rif. New startups overview

Vidao Rif LetsHang

On the May 17, Launching Next portal added these three new startups of the messaging world: Rif, Vidao and LetsHang. You are about to get a sneak-peak on these new apps that would make your online communication more interactive and convenient.


Rif is for those who use gifs to express any emotion,  get an idea across or leave a comment. The concept of the app is to post gif statuses and share them with the community. You can create a gif of your own, browse or upload one from your phone. The voting and rating systems are also integrated. You can search for other users’ gif statuses by time, location and appreciation of the public. Your thread lets you swipe between today`s, week and month gif statuses. Such an interesting interpretation of Twitter is already available on the Apple AppStore in its 1.2 version.


LetsHangSomewhat similar to the anti-messenger GetReal, LetsHang allows you to find people who are up to some kind of activity. The app functions so that you search for entertainments, which are suitably put into several categories, ask the moderator of the chat to be added, make new friends and spend time on your hobby in a group of new people.
The messenger allows you to look for an activity  nearby in the search bar, or click the “Surprise Me” button, which will suggest options. The list of activities also shows a number of people who are interested in it. You can sign in to your LetsHang account with Facebook.

The interface is quite simple: four icons at the bottom of the screen that will lead you to 4 separate windows. These are: activities, chats, friends and settings. The friends tab allows you to see when other users were online last time (up to seconds!), their age and how far they are from you (in miles). By clicking on the friends’ profile photo you will be able to see the small bio description added by the user. The 1.0.5 version, available on the Apple AppStore, is integrated with Lootsie. The developers also promise to add group functionality and local events soon.


It is another representative of all-in-one messaging apps, a rival to Disa and Drupe. This messenger is available only in beta-version for now. You can apply to be a beta-tester, but the number of participants is limited.

Vidao is to become a true multifunctional messenger. It combines high-quality HD group video-calling, audio-calling, messaging with hundreds of stickers or emoticons, photo sharing, cloud file storage and even possibility to send real presents to your friends. And it is available on any mobile and desktop device.

Being a multi-messenger, it picks up all your social network and phone contacts and makes a single list out of them. You can edit the list and create groups which will allow you to start a group conversation with one tap. Just like in Moments of WeChat, you can upload photos and photo albums and share them with friends. And to free some space on the device the user can take advantage of the cloud storage provided by the Vidao.

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