The World Economic Forum recognized Wickr

The World Economic Forum recognized Wickr

Wickr enters a new stage of development As of August 5, Wickr can officially be considered one of the world’s leaders in the field of IT technologies. The World Economic Forum, which is being held in Davos, has secured this status for the company by naming its product the 2016 Technology Pioneer. Company CEO, Mark…


AppMess Review: Wickr free download

Wickr is the world’s most secure messaging app! Wickr – leave no trace! This is exactly how this US messaging app positions itself. Well, this is obviously true, because in the recent Who Has Your Back 2015 report on government data requests Wickr has gloriously left behind the market’s largest player WhatsApp and got 4…


Wickr 1, Wickr 2, Nico Sell, where will you rule?

The messaging app Wickr, which has already seen 6 million downloads and 1 billion messages sent is facing a split into Wickr for business and Wickr Foundation for common users. Since its foundation, Wickr has been following its core principle: remain a free encrypted alternative messaging app to online services that collect your data to show you suitable ads….


Is Wickr Messaging App for Politicians?

Wickr is one of those “extremely protected” IM apps, in which, as it is with Snapchat, users exchange self-destructing messages. The developers claim that the degree of encryption is of the level that the military supposedly use. They also claim that the correspondence is impossible to hack and even to declassify. *Alas, they have not…