Is Wickr Messaging App for Politicians?


Wickr is one of those “extremely protected” IM apps, in which, as it is with Snapchat, users exchange self-destructing messages. The developers claim that the degree of encryption is of the level that the military supposedly use. They also claim that the correspondence is impossible to hack and even to declassify.

*Alas, they have not arranged contests similar to those made by Telegram, so there is no proof of that*

Recently, Australian accused local politicians of using this app. The article claimed that Australian politicians discuss state problems through Wickr and express their negative attitude towards the country’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

These accusations have not been proved yet, besides, according to Mashable, Australian got the information about the politicians using the messaging app from an “undisclosed” source.

Well, we all know that the little-birdie-told-me news are very popular these days :)

Whatever it is, Australian politicians had better use the Confide app, which we have already written about before.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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