Snapchat Adds Slow-Mo – AppMess Video News #27

  • Snapchat hopes to make users happy with new filters. App supporters have sent numerous requests asking to give them the possibility to adjust the speed of videos and now their demand has finally been met. The speed modifier allows users to decrease the playback speed, fast-forward or rewind videos. To select an effect you need to record a video and swipe over the screen to choose how fast you want the video to play. Moreover, the update supports Apple’s 3D Touch feature.

Snapchat Adds Slow-Mo – AppMess News #27

  • Facebook Messenger will help app strangers communicate. The launch of Message Requests will enable each user to decide who can and can’t approach them in the social network. Now you will get a request, if you get a message from a non-friend. It is up to you to accept or ignore the request, but the sender will know that you’ve read the message. This is Facebook’s solution to the Other Inbox mayhem.
  • WeChat has finally made the move that it announced earlier. One of Asia’s most popular messaging apps is now officially engaged in remittance. It also became known that WeChat will charge a fee of 0,1% for all in-app money transfers. However, this fee applies to transfers that exceed $3,150. Furthermore, the list of paid features has also been expanded. Apparently, app creators want to teach WeChat users to spend more money and more often. Hence, users are outraged and express the desire to switch to a free remittance app – Alipay.
  • Once again, WhatsApp failed to present itself in the most favorable light. Given the fact that WhatsApp has been the top-ranked app in terms of popularity for a long time now, research scientists from the University of New Haven decided to study it. The study revealed that Jan Koum’s app collects and keeps user phone numbers and different call data, like duration, date and time. Researchers also managed to hack the messenger’s encryption protocol and obtain data on sent messages. Thus, scientists succeeded in proving that intercepting data from the world’s most popular communication app is a walk in the park. The company’s top executives failed to provide a reaction to the aforementioned facts.

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