Telegram is Blocked in Iran – AppMess Video News #26

appmess news 26
  • This week, many Viber users in Ukraine got a reason to think about switching to a new messaging app. The reason behind it being that users were startled by the news that Viber is moving its servers in the framework of the Personal Data Law adopted in Russian on September 1, 2015. In order to dispel any suspicion, a Viber rep in Moscow stated that the law will affect only Viber’s Russian user base. In addition, only telephone numbers and user handles are stored on Viber servers, while actual data isn’t kept in any physical location. Therefore, in reality there is absolutely no reason to panic. Moreover, Viber does value its reputation and it gives almost instantaneous replies to user feedback. Kudos to the app team.

Telegram is Blocked in Iran – AppMess News #26

  • The new update from WeChat has a little something for those of us who like to chat a lot and to a lot of people at the same time. Ver. 6.3.5. lets you make audio and video calls in a group of up to nine people. In order to see how it all functions you just have to tap the “+” icon like in Skype, and select the contacts who you want to add to the discussion. Group notifications are now also available. They are sent out to all chat participants to remind them of an upcoming web conference. However, only chat administrators can send out such notifications. An interesting move from the Asian giant toward resolving corporate goals. Once the feature has been tested for bugs, we’ll be able to judge its success.
  • Telegram, the messaging app created by Russian IT specialist, Pavel Durov, is now blocked in Iran. It is believed that this happened because the app’s management refused to assist the local authorities in obtaining information about its citizens via Telegram’s database. Telegram’s uncompromising attitude towards data protection received a hostile reaction from Iran officials, resulting in the blocking of Telegram on Iran soil. This is not the first time that the app enters into conflict with governments – the app’s web version was blocked in China in July. Now the messenger’s team is looking for a way around such cutoffs.
  • US firm Join has developed a new messaging app called Squad. App creator Adam Liebman explained that the app was designed to help users put together their own team of people to go on an adventure in just 24 hours. Chance encounters a one of the app’s key criterions. So, it is possible that your group will consist of total strangers. Squad saw the light of day on October 19. The app is free and is already available in 20 languages, but only for iOS devices.

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