AppMess Video Review: Yik Yak Messenger

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In the summer of 2014, Yik Yak received yet another investment from the same group of investors. This time around it was $10 million, which meant that the app could  increase its user base exponentially. A few months later, Sequoia Capital decided it wanted to put $60 million in Yik Yak’s piggy bank. And now, more than a year since the app’s launch, it is valued at $350 million. I’d say that it’s about time we took a closer look at what makes this app worth using.

AppMess Vide Review: Yik Yak Messenger

  • Yik Yak is an app for anonymous communication. To recap, anonymity has been the unchanged trend ever since messaging apps first came out.
  • Despite being at the beginning of its journey, the messaging app has already been downloaded around 5 million times from Google Play, thus confirming the aforementioned. In any case, the app’s user base predominantly consists of the younger generation that likes to diversify communication any way it can.
  • Messages from users will pop up on your screen if the other user is within a 2 and a half kilometer radius from you. By the way, the radius of operation can be altered.
  • Another important aspect of the app is its special feature that lets users read messages sent from specific locations like schools or night clubs, for example, which is really handy if you’re looking for more local communication.
  • Yik Yak also lets you attach photos to your posts. The company announced that it will monitor and moderate such content, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling upon something unpleasant for the eyes.
  • Users can vote for posted messages, which also adds interaction. To elaborate, if it so happens that a message gets a score that is lower than negative 5, it gets removed automatically.
  • Moreover, the app has a user rating that is determined by the user’s activity and general usefulness. Long story short, Yik Yak users think twice before posting something.
  • Moreover, the app lets you filter posts according to their relevance. Therefore, everyone will be able to keep track of all the local news and their personal favorite topics.
  • It’s worth mentioning that Yik Yak is the quintessence of what the modern user is looking for – anonymity, personalization, and of course, fun.

Moving on to the cons of using this unusual app called Yik Yak.

  • Yik Yak fell under heavy criticism from teachers and parents, who claim that the app provokes children to behave aggressively. Yik Yak even had to limit access to the app in some neighborhoods.
  • You can forget about anonymity when it comes to government inquiries. In the event of suspicious activity, any user can be easily traced and checked. This is, of course, a plus when it concerns criminals, but it is definitely a huge minus in all other cases.
  • In February 2015, everyone started noticing that many posts started getting negative scores and were subsequently removed. As it turned out, it was all because of a special in-app algorithm that rained on everyone’s parade and caused a lot of inconvenience for the users.

That’s the review, guys. Get more details on and remember to leave a comment with your thoughts. Communicate in real life. Communicate online and see you soon!

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