AppMess News #13

Messenger News 13

Greetings, all! Welcome back to another edition of instant messenger news. Let’s see what happened this week that’s worth mentioning.

  • Facebook Messenger doesn’t stay in one place for long and this is evident. In the US, you will be able to make online payments with your credit card via the texting app. The way its gonna work is ridiculously easy – all you need to do is tap the dollar icon, enter the necessary amount and hit “send”, having filled out your bank details in advance. What really tilts the scales Facebook’s way is that the app isn’t planning on charging users any extra fees. Although the management claims that the innovation isn’t aimed at trying to challenge major payment systems, such as PayPal.
  • Beet is a new velfie app, but what does velfie mean? With the help of this messaging app, you can quickly shoot and send videos in the form of Stories, but don’t confuse it with Snapchat, despite the fact that both record 6-second videos. Creators planned to revolutionize online communication by bringing back spontaneity and emotion. The app doesn’t let you edit or add filters to videos. It’s key purpose is to produce pure impressions about precious life moments and memories. The question is: will Beet be able to get some solid ground with its deep emotional goals in a hi-tech world?
  • However, let’s not forget about Nokia supporters. I guess that that is what WhatsApp was thinking as it uploaded an update for Nokia S40, however, it still didn’t include voice calls. Developers modestly corrected the occurred error, perhaps, leaving important innovations… for later. By the way, WhatsApp used to present its updates to all platforms simultaneously, but not long ago the company’s priorities have changed. In general, the small number of Nokia users should not get upset – WhatsApp promises to make up leeway soon.
  • Truemessenger is a spam prevention application. To be more precise , it will help ID message senders, and, in case of unsolicited mailing, block the contact’s further actions. The idea’s not complicated, however, with ubiquitous advertizing and all, it has a good chance of surviving in our reality. Truemessenger has already received substantial investments and gathered an audience of 150 million users. The application is to be launched in India first, and then – depending on its success

This is it for the week. Communicate in real life, communicate online and take care!

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  • Ny HeronJul 14, 2015 в 18:18

    I always learn something new guys, thanks for yet another informative post!