AppMess News #12

appmess news 12

Today we will talk about most exciting events of the week.

  • Pushbullet is a messenger that released a huge update this week. The thing is that the revolutionary changes affected the app’s structure: now messages are grouped by recipients, so that specific texts are easier to find. Moreover, the update includes new tabs and options, such as instant response, for example. The web version has also transformed and now has a catchy interface, high operating speed and top-notch synchronization.

AppMess News #12

  • Snapchat is going into politics. Not literally, of course, but almost. The chatting app is preparing to handle the content that will be generated by the expected online debate regarding next year’s presidential campaign. Let’s take a step back and recall that Snapchat made a name for itself when it lobbied the trade law. Guess it’s time to see the app’s vision of an intriguing presidential race.
  • For some time now, WhatsApp has been synonymous with the term “messenger”. Why not take the time to take a step back and look at where the flagship texting client could grow? In any case, journalists put together a list of desirable features that includes GIF support, fast photo upload, voice message preview prior to sending and the ability to make calls to cell phones to name a few. This is only a small part of what other messengers have, but is strangely missing in one of the most popular ones. So, developers ought to pay far more attention to user feedback.
  • Facebook Messenger slowly becoming more independent. The word is that Zuckerberg wants everyone to use the messenger. Even those who don’t have a Facebook account, which is why as of June 24th the residents of several countries can register on Messenger by providing only their name and phone number. Developers claim that this function will become global very soon. Despite all suspicions, Facebook maintains that this move isn’t aimed at attracting the Chinese market which isn’t on familiar terms with the social network. I for one am interested in finding out if another telephone directory will, in fact, make communication simpler. Time will tell.
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