AppMess News #11

appmess news 11

Hello and welcome to another edition of messenger news.


  • Looks like there’s gonna be a new European player on the US messenger market. Of course, I’m talking about Germany’s most popular app Threema. The application is marketed as one of the most highly protected apps out there with multiple security levels. However, Threema isn’t yet viewed as a serious competitor, since it only has 3,5 million users. Although it did show a 900% increase in the number of users. Also, users aren’t afraid to pay 2 bucks for the German texting app, which is exactly why this European creation sits atop of the paid apps list. Many senior officials use Threema, so its Westward expansion plans seem to be justified.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation’s fresh report on messaging app security clearly won’t pleasing WhatsApp supporters – they got only one star out of 5. According to its results, Jan Koum’s app doesn’t care about user data protection and the only thing that developers took care of is malicious software, meaning potential virus threats. EFF’s team decided to analyze US’s largest mobile operator AT&T, which is also currently experiencing security issues. Snapchat also didn’t pass with flying colors, but did score 3 out of 5 stars.
  • But Snapchat did stand out in a different way. CEO Evan Spiegel released an ad, where he once again talks about Snapchat’s ad placement of the vertical video display technology. The project chief said that this way of presenting advertising information is much more harmonious and less intrusive for the user. In addition to the video, an ambitious slogan has been put up on the app’s website. It reads that Snapchat is the best way of reaching people aged 13-34, which is the best demographic segment for youth brands. Therefore, we can assume that the messaging app decided to increase revenues and primarily by attracting money from advertisers.
  • Meanwhile, group communication messenger Slack is becoming more expensive. The project’s estimated value has been increased to 2.8 billion dollars, meaning that it doubled over the past six months without making any substantial changes to the product. Mass media reviews and the messaging app’s high quality did all the dirty work. This is why Slack became a sort of roll model. The rise in popularity is caused by the fact that startup companies and small businesses are very in at the moment. As a result, many newcomers prefer Slack as a tool for conducting business correspondence. The competition is bound to attempt to repeat the success story of the best corporate messaging app, but will anyone prevail – that’s the million dollar question that depends on quality and, of course, lady luck.

That’s all the news for this week. Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you soon!

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