Snapchat update makes users get high

Snapchat update makes users get high

Snapchat now uses less traffic thanks to the Travel Mode

These days sharing videos is an integral part of communication in Snapchat. The app has long stopped being a routine messaging application. However, the lack of good Wi-Fi connection makes it quite costly to watch videos, especially, if you cannot prevent them from automatically downloading to your smartphone.

Snapchat now uses less traffic thanks to the Travel ModeThe latest Snapchat update, released on August 10 for Android and iOS, will come in handy for users who do not often have access to high quality Internet connection. From now on, video content will not be downloaded to a smartphone automatically, consuming too much of traffic, thanks to the Travel Mode.

This new functionality allows you to disable an automatic download of video content to your mobile device. This Travel Mode works for all the content of My Stories page, which includes videos from Discover, messages from friends received within the last 24 hours and recommended content from Live Stories. Now, in order to download anything from the aforementioned stuff, a user will have to do it manually, unless his device is connected to Wi-Fi.

To enable the Travel Mode, you need to tap the Snapchat icon on the screen that shows up right after you run the app, then select Gear => Additional Services =>Manage =>Travel Mode.

New emoji settings in Snapchat

The latest update of the messaging app has also changed emoji settings. Now you can add them to photos that you share.

After a user takes a photo or a records video, he can tap a button located to the left of “T”. An emoji panel will then open, where the user can add emoji to photos from.

New emoji settings in Snapchat

Other bonuses to be obtained from the Snapchat update

The Snapchat update also allows users to find out how many people have viewed their My Stories section by tapping the eye icon. Earlier, you had to go to My Stories first and only after that you would be shown the list of names.

Another cool functionality that has been added to the latest version is exporting Snapcode as a GIF-video, not as pictures (the way it had been before). I.e., now users can finally share these videos in social networks and in other messaging apps.

The latest Snapchat version for Android and iOS is and it is available for download in Google Play and iTunes.

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