“Timely” move. Stickers and location sharing – now in Google Messenger

It is high time to! Google Messenger implemented stickers and location

Google Messenger update

Google Messenger implemented location

The fact that Google Messenger still exists is a mystery of the century. Despite the fact that the market is already oversaturated with platforms offering functionality of any kind and level, the “good will corporation” for some reason, keeps the project on the float, updating the functionalities from time to time.

Currently, version 1.4.044 is available on the Google Play Market. Any top twenty messaging app user would give a skeptical smirk looking at the newly released features: stickers and location sharing.

Google Messenger stickers and location sharing

The stickers are pretty cute and are obviously well-thought-out. There are plenty of them. These images can indeed help you convey a lot of information. Collections are structured very well, and do not provoke any rejection. Besides, these stickers can be used in other messaging applications, which is a nice bonus.

The second innovation is sharing your location. Of course, here Google chose not to limit itself: in addition to map images, links to Google Maps will be attached.

Google Messenger implemented stickers

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  • Mr. AquaJul 13, 2015 в 18:44

    This app is useless to me and many others :(