Are you a fan of winter? Even if you aren’t, you are most likely to be waiting for the New Year holidays to come. New Year is still over a month away and Skype has already decided to please its users by giving them holiday winter mood.

Today the Skype team, following the already established tradition, has added new theme emoji. If you have not seen them yet, let’s take a close look at each of them.


Cold shivering – the emoji character feels so cold that its teeth are chattering and it hopes that somebody will hug it to make it feel warm. That is familiar, isn’t it? We have all experienced freezing cold weather that comes from winter frosts.

Champagne – every proper holiday needs champagne. We are not even talking about taking risks here but about just watching sparkling bubbles at the bottom of the glass. Do you feel like inviting friends to join you for New Year celebration? Send them a bottle of sparkling wine.

Dancing Thanksgiving turkey – only one emoji seems to be added not for the sake of the coming winter but for the Thanksgiving Day that takes place tomorrow this year in the US. Still, in Russian-speaking countries a fried turkey or chicken is still associated with winter holidays and makes people think about the coming New Year’s Day.

Dancing penguin – who knows, maybe Skype doesn’t want you to just sit on your chair any more. Get moving! Don’t you have anyone to join you? Then join the dancing penguin. Besides, this creature is so cute.SKYPE BRINGING YOU WINTER MOOD

These were the major Skype dwellers preparing for the coming winter. There are also other new emoji available – a shopaholic hurrying to buy stuff, an emoji featuring a melomaniac wearing headphones and an emoji that is just listening carefully and agreeing with you.

Have you already tried out the new Skype emojis? We wish you holiday mood all year round!

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