Telegram Gets Support From Yandex Bots

Telegram Gets Support From Yandex Bots

Despite the great number of unpleasant stories associated with the Russian messaging app Telegram, its number of active users just keeps on getting bigger. Along with this, the app’s function set is also expanding.

Several months ago, Telegram presented a platform for bot development, which immediately got third-party engineers working on the creation of new and exciting services.

The Yandex team didn’t waste time either and rolled out its bots.

Below you will find more information on each of the bots:


We all know that often enough an image shared in a chat will better demonstrate a certain emotion that any text. It is for such cases when a user needs to find a suitable image quickly that this bot was developed and launched.
If the image you find is not suitable for the situation, you can enter the /more command and it will give you some more options. The bot uses the Yandex.Images service for searching.

Telegram Gets Support From Yandex Bots

Yandex Maps

This bot uses the Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Traffic services to show places with heavy traffic, find the nearest offices of public organisations and show the location of the smartphone’s owner.

Telegram Gets Support From Yandex Bots

Yandex Dictionary

If you enter a word, the service will give you several options of a translation for it. So far, the service supports only seven languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, English, German and Russian.

Telegram Gets Support From Yandex Bots

Yandex Translator

This bot will be irreplaceable when corresponding with a foreigner. It will provide automatic translation of chat lines for both sides.

Telegram Gets Support From Yandex Bots
To start working with the bots, you first have to find their accounts in Telegram and then enter the Start command for them.

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