LinkedIn upgrades its messenger


A messaging service from LinkedIn

img_3Most Internet users are registered in the LinkedIn, a service used mainly for professional networking. Nonetheless, very few of them use the network’s messaging service. The network’s management is clearly aware of that, as LinkedIn has upgraded its messenger recently and promised many more “carrots” soon.

The renewed communication tool boasts a new design, optimized chat-like interface, stickers, emojis and GIF images. You can now send documents and attach photos to the messages.

Why LinkedIn upgraded?

img_4LinkedIn team understands that messaging apps are penetrating all spheres of our lives, while such players as Slack are directly targeting the network’s positions on the market. The majority of the competitors are directly approaching the professional networking segment, limiting themselves by rare reconnaissance missions for now, like for example Slack’s email integration or ChatGrape’s convenient room systems.

The new version of LinkedIn messenger will be available all around the world within the coming. There are updates for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices and PCs.

Moreover, the developers have promised to continue working on improvements.

We are working hard to expand the boundaries of this experience. We are inspired by the concepts like intelligent messaging assistants that helps suggest people we should write to or provide us with relevant information about a person you want to get in touch with. Many can also offer voice and video options to make conversations more compelling.

We know that we can offer users unique, exclusive LinkedIn options, like making business introductions or debriefing after a meeting. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to continue developing and enhancing the experience.

wrote the developers in the product’s official blog.


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