Bindle – The Way Group Chat Messenger Should Be


 Let’s be straight – group chat sucks. Group chats have got themselves into most IM apps and they are awful. Remember it, when your phone vibrated and rang every three seconds and all you saw on the screen was spam?

Remember it, when you switched off chat notifications and missed an important message? Sure, you can adjust filter settings in Skype, but this app’s mobile version makes you feel sick anyway.

If you go beyond corporate group chats, where Slack plays the first fiddle, you get into zugzwang. It was this way before Bindle emerged.

Bindle creators took into account all the aforementioned problems and came up with some simple solutions.

During registration, which can be done without specifying your phone number, you specify your username. Notifications in chats are switched off, so the app will notify the relevant user, should his/her username be mentioned in the message. This way you get no spam and do not miss any messages.

Besides, in Bindle you can “whisper”. To do that, send a personal message within the group chat, using the “/whisper @nickname” command. 

It is important that there is no separate chat for personal messages, but the messages that you “whisper” will be visible only to the specified recipient. You can search for group chats using hashtags, which can be open or closed.

Apart from that, in Bindle you can find a set typical of messenger apps – cross platform feature, gifs, stickers, and photo sharing.

In the end, by changing your current messenger app for Bindle you won’t have to give up anything (except for friends, who have never heard of it).

So far, the creators are not going deep into their monetization plans; however, according to the source article, the developers got the standard “We’re focused on growth” speech.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

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