TeamChat offers a new concept of “smart templates”

TeamChat offers a new concept of “smart templates”A lot of companies, among them even large ones, use WhatsApp as the means of in-company communications. And this exactly where the Indian entrepreneur Beerud Sheth, the founder of TeamChat, based in San Francisco, sees new opportunities for his business.

TeamChat is based on a new concept called “smart message templates” and it also offers group chats where an unlimited number of users can take part.

TeamChat’s interface is the same as that of any other messaging app. However, the messenger team has come up with “smart messages”, which contain figures, lists, surveys, etc. All this data is summed up automatically. The platform also uses bots that bring all the final figures together.

Business opportunities that TeamChat offers

TeamChat will propose an API integration for the electronic system of any company. According to Beerud Sheth, over 2,000 companies are already benefiting or only consider using this app, even though it was launched only a few months ago.

The TeamChat CEO believes that his new app will quickly implement the new idea, according to which messaging is a new platform and not an instrument.

He reckons that this app can become the one for daily use and a simple tool for enterprises to process their data in order to service their customers afterwards.

Business opportunities that TeamChat offers

The initial plan was to make the app mobile, so it has a small interface, which is very user-friendly.

After the beta testing stage in India, the app is already waiting to be launched to the US market. Soon enough TeamChat plans to add lots of client services to the interface, including access to top commercial websites in India.

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