What’s new in JONGLA?


Messengers keep pleasing us with interesting updates. For example, the other day Jongla app announced the release of functionality update for Firefox and iOS. This is what we are going to tell you about.

What’s new in Jongla for Firefox?

  • Now you can get and play voice messages in Jongla .
  • Improved process of exchanging messages with users who are not registered with Jongla yet.
  • jonglaNumerous improvements in messenger usability.

So now, users of the Jongla web-version will get to enjoy free and open communication even more.

What’s new in Jongla iOS 2.7.1 version?

  • A new feature for voice messages – Sound Candy – is a set of filters for a voice that will simplify your communication with friends and make it even more fun. By the way, we have already written about this new function of the messaging app.
  • Increased speed of recording voice messages with the Sound Candy mode.
  • The new background colour of the messenger is the colour of cane sugar.
  • Improved FAQ in the app.
  • No more bugs that occurred previously when users attempted to share videos from YouTube.

As you can see, the messenger team is not of a lazy kind. Their attempt to make communication through Jongla more exciting and vivid proved entirely successful!

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