Asian buzz: new smartphone texting app

PChrome Online

Taiwan’s PСhrome Cloud Message

PChrome Online, Taiwan’s largest online retail operator and portal, has presented the eponymous instant messaging app — PСhrome. It is a free application, developed by the team over at PChrome Online, targeting smartphone users.

PСhrome Cloud Message

The communication service is based on its very own PСhrome Cloud Message tech that is able to deliver a message in just two seconds. (As far as we understand, the delivery speed refers only to Taiwan’s territory, since the distance between countries, not to mention continents, implies that it will take longer for messages to be delivered.)

In addition to chatting, PChrome engineers put an emphasis on sticker originality: the developers themselves aren’t directly engaged in sticker creation, giving this opportunity to others. Brands, companies, retailers as well as creative individuals are welcome to submit their image collections: the number of user downloads will determine the standout sticker packs, promoting the creator’s brands – two birds with one stone.

Instant messaging app  PСhrome

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