Voxer helping astronauts to communicate… under water!

Voxer provides communication to astronauts… underwater!

Voxer and NASA missionVoxer and the NASA mission

Not so long ago, a new NASA mission NEEMO 20 (“NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations”) started. During this mission, future astronauts will plunge 62 feet under water near the Florida Keys and spend two weeks there. This experiment is not the first one. NASA runs such missions so that astronauts could prepare for future trips to Mars or asteroids. The underwater trips and outer space trips are very similar in nature.

Voxer keeps up with the timesThe mission assumes that four “aquanauts” will live in an underwater habitat called Aquarius and get out into the underwater space to conduct experiments and do repairs on the base, as practice for everything they will have to do on a spaceship.

Voxer will provide them with an opportunity to connect with the land-based headquarters through voice communication. It is not the first time the company has participated in such missions. It has already provided communications to the NEEMO 19 and HI-SEAS missions.

Voxer chat for “aquanauts”

Voxer chat for “aquanauts”It has already been reported, that new Voxer chat would contain three members: Mission Director (MD1), Capsule Communicator (CapCom1) and Base (Aquarius).

Such experiments require enormous efforts and high-quality equipment, which must work well both on land and under water.

Jim Panttaja, one of the Voxer founders, also takes an active part in the mission. He says that the company is doing its utmost to ascertain everything works in the best possible way.

This whole NEEMO 20 thing is an enormous responsibility but it is also a perfect way to prove that Voxer messaging app can provide a high-quality connection. This is how the messaging app team can tell everyone that they can indeed keep up with the times and create advanced technologies.

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