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A new Advent! Voxer and interplanetary communication

A new Advent! Voxer and interplanetary communication

Voxer at the forefront of communications So NASA NEEMO 20 mission was launched, and Voxer hurries up to tell about the first results. The team of the messenger have chosen two representatives to monitor and investigate the possibilities of the product: head of corporate development and one of the co-founders of the company, Jim Panttaja,…

Voxer provides communication to astronauts… underwater!

Voxer helping astronauts to communicate… under water!

Voxer and the NASA mission Not so long ago, a new NASA mission NEEMO 20 (“NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations”) started. During this mission, future astronauts will plunge 62 feet under water near the Florida Keys and spend two weeks there. This experiment is not the first one. NASA runs such missions so that astronauts could prepare…