If you are a person who appreciates a couple of words instead of a detailed message, than Voxer messenger is your savior. Voxer is the app that allows you to send habitual texts, photos, and small audio recordings. Keep reading to see how it will make your communication more convenient.

The idea of Voxer was generated after analyzing military communication systems, where simple portable radio sets were just not enough. The creators of the app tried to keep the idea of the best messenger that will suit to our up-to-date style of communication, meaning fast live stream. In 2011, it all summed up to become a Voxer Walkie Talkie. What are the benefits for a user?

Voxer Windows Phone app

A push-to-talk product allows you not only to send texts or photos, but to share live or recorded voice. The user can create groups and “chat” with up to 15 users live or share messages recorded in advance. Its availability impresses, as owners of iOS, Android, and the Windows Phone 8 operating systems can enjoy this app. If you go Voxer Pro, the web version will also be available. The app is compatible with any data network, and if you have any problems just connect to Wi-Fi.

Taking privacy concept fashion into account, all your data sent via the Voxer app is SSL encrypted, but at the same time you have to allow the app to see your location. So for those too secure such controversy might not be to the taste.

Going deeper it is worth mentioning that the app goes Pro. It costs only $2.99 per month, but it enhances the productivity a lot. For example, your chat can include all your company, as the group members number goes up to 500 people. You might think that all the recordings and texting and photos shared via Voxer will take up all your data storage free space, but they won`t as the data retention and Dropbox integration are available.


The registration is simple and usual:

  • type a login
  • choose a password
  • select your region
  • let access to phone contacts to see Voxer users on the contacts
  • type in the phone (optional)
  • let access to your location
  • receive a confirmation email
  • start using!

The thing that is great about Voxer is that it sends you a customer support message right away, which introduces you to the app instead of the virtual tour. Basically, it is your training ground there. And the confirmation email suggests you to check out Twitter and Facebook pages of Voxer.

Voxer is a welcoming app that encourages you to push that big recording button and go live, and over 600 000 likes on Facebook page are the best proof to leave your doubts behind.

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