Snapchat has released an update that is to do with the Story tab. The major change is that now the main page of the Discover section – icons of media brands that publish their own content for the messenger’s users – appears permanently at the very top of the Discover page. Previously, in order to get to the brand section, you had to swipe the screen. The Live Stories tab, which includes events, followed by Snapchat editors, is now also displayed almost at the very top of the list.

More content from Snapchat’s media partners

More content from Snapchat’s media partnersIt is logical to assume that the newly implemented changes will give Discover more views, as well as more attention to the advertisers, since users will no longer have to look for Discover among other tabs. Besides, it’s worth noticing that Snapchat has made a bet on the content generated by its media partners, and not to the content created by its users’ friends.

Since the Snapchat management does not publish the figures that can characterize the Discover activity, it is logical to assume that the redesigning is required for drawing more attention to the functionality. Considering the fact that this is one of the company’s major revenue sources (and simultaneously the largest one), and the company has only begun seeking its own niche in the advertising market, it is vitally important that Discover obtains a truly large number of views.

Experiments with Discover

Discover, launched about six months ago, allows users to view unique content from over 10 provides, including ESPN, CNN, and Vice. Each of these companies can publish their own content in the users’ feeds, including both full-screen photos and videos, and long written stories.

Experiments with Snapchat Discover

When Snapchat was asked to comment on the updates, their public affairs service replied that Discover is a platform for publishers which they can use for telling their fabulous stories. They also said that since the very moment of launch they have never stopped experimenting, trying to understand what type of content users prefer after-all. The Snapchat team say they really like the result they arrived at, which is exactly why Discover was moved to the main Story tab page.

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  • CameronJul 15, 2015 в 16:01

    No, no, no….I don’t like the new way Discover at all :(