Dubsmash – video selfie app

Ever since the video communication app Dubsmash first came out in November 2014, it has been breaking records left and right. As of today, the app has seen more than 50 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play. The velfie (video selfie) app has already become popular in more than 190 countries.

VELFIE MESSENGER DUBSMASHThree German engineers are behind the project: Jonas Druppel, Daniel Taschik and Roland Grenke. This is, in fact, their third attempt to create something worthy, since their first two tries didn’t result in anything useful. The third version is different from its predecessors in that it is lite and has a clean UI.

According to US and UK observers, Dubsmash is a must-have app, you should play around with the app even if you are not planning to take selfies of your noggin. Moreover, you don’t even require a login to start using the app. This app is one of the best ways of enjoying technological solutions, regardless of how you use the app: independently or with a buddy.

If you like singing along to music, use movie quotes or just send crazy videos to friends to cheer them up and make their day – you simply must start using Dubsmash. In addition to regular transfers, you have the ability to save recorded videos to your device. There are over 40 categories in the app, including Awards Season 2015, SNL, Chick Flicks and many other popular cultural memes. Users are also welcome to use a whole array of video clips, attachments, additions and comments, for example, sporting events, priceless movie quotes and plenty more.

Dubsmash features

The designers also included a built-in search engine for users seeking specific sounds. My Sounds is designed to store user-created files, plus you can bookmark them. An audio clip can be easily synchronized with a song or movie quote of your selection. If you want even more, Dubsmash offers text captions and a variety of color filters to brighten things up a tad. When you are done applying effects and doodling around with your video clip, you can share it with your friends via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

WHEN SELFIES AREN’T ENOUGH MESSENGER DUBSMASHSince Dubsmash doesn’t have its own cloud storage, users only have the option to save their creations onto their devices. However, this is only temporary. Developers have already voiced their plans to set up a cloud storage, packed with new functions, in the near future.

Fortunately, you can easily rely on your intuition to navigate the app. Sign up requires only your email account. You will also have to think of a password and indicate a name – doesn’t even have to be real. Finally, during the registration process the app will ask your age, since children under the age of 14 are barred from using the service.

In general, there is a considerable number of options available upon registration that can be returned to default settings at any moment. The app immediately asks you to find the clip that you will base your video on. It’s smooth sailing for any user from there on out.

Dubsmash has quite a few supporters, including first caliber celebrities like Rihanna, Hugh Jackman, Cara Delevingne and J.Lo. You can find all of their velfies on their Instagram accounts.

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