AppMess Video Review: Beme Messenger


Given the fact that Casey has a lot of fan support, it’s no surprise that Beme has seen so much publicity, plus the availability of funds helps the brand build up its name. Beme had a very exclusive registration policy for quite some time, which required users to have a promo code. It further increased the hype around the app. Let’s take a look at advantages of owning this app.

AppMess Video Review: Beme Messenger

  • Beme has an outstanding feature – it records 4-second videos and I know that you’re thinking that Snapchat, Vine and Instagram already do that, but this one’s different.
  • In order to shoot a video, you need to put your smartphone on a flat surface. This takes care of poorly shot video clips.
  • Recording starts automatically and doesn’t require users to do anything else. You’ll hear a special signal when the video starts and stops recording.
  • Recorded videos won’t be displayed on your screen and this is the feature that makes Beme stand out from the pack. The absence of the preview feature helps users be more natural and not worry about how good they look in the shot. This enables other users of the app to see your real life – with no masks.
  • Self-destructing videos are integral to the app. Each clip has just 24 hours after which it will be irretrievably erased, so think less and shoot more videos, sharing your joy with the world. Moreover, each video can only be viewed once.
  • After watching a video you can send the author a video reaction of what you just saw. This way you know that Beme feedback will always be very expressive.
  • Beme users can subscribe to each other, so you know you won’t miss videos from your favorite people – very convenient.
  • The app’s design is as minimalistic as it gets. Dark background, green and white text – that’s it. Nothing that will distract or burden you.

Now let’s talk about the negative factors of Beme.

  • The app is available only for owners of iOS version 8.0 or above, which cuts off a huge amount of potential users, who’ like to try the app, but can’t use it for the aforementioned reason.
  • Beme doesn’t offer any stickers, nor is there an opportunity to text people, making it hard to have a normal chat.
  • No likes. Another feature that helps people relax, but, on the other hand, a lot of people create to ultimately get praised by getting positive feedback. Unfortunately, Beme takes that motivation away.

Thanks for tuning in. Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you next time.

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