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Creators positioned the app as a fast, secure messaging app with some interactive elements. Interestingly, Jongla has won a number of prestigious awards, including “Finland’s Best App” and “Windows Apps Awards 2014”. The company’s top management is currently eyeing the Asian market, namely Indonesia and Nepal. Well, taking into account such courageous attempts and the app’s success, an interesting question comes to mind – what makes Jongla a good messenger?

Video Review: Jongla Messenger

  • First of all, creators expanded the list of supported platforms, which now includes iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Firefox.
  • Jongla automatically synchronizes your contact list, giving you the opportunity to send out an SMS invite to friends, who haven’t installed the app yet. The SMS will be send via the app’s interface; after all, the app’s key goal is to replace the SMS.
  • Jongla allows users to create voice messages and edit them to a certain extent by applying sound effects. The Sound Candy feature gives users access to three sound filters, designed to brighten up those answering machine messages we always leave.
  • Jongla will make it possible to attach photos and videos to messages and upload other media from the device’s gallery.
  • The texting app didn’t introduce any groundbreaking functions when it gave users the opportunity to share location tags and links with interlocutors. Nevertheless, it definitely won’t hurt the app and will help improve communication.
  • The application from Finland offers a selection of stickers. There are oodles of them here and they are all vivid and one-of-a-kind. For the sake of the truth, Jongla was one of the pioneers of animated stickers. The default number of available sticker packs is four, but there are other commercial options you can pursue.
  • The app is free, by the way, if you want to try it out, and it won’t depress users with ads.
  • Jongla Channels is all about official promo chats. Viber has also implemented this feature, but on a far larger scale. It grants assistance in liaising between the company and public figures and brands, thus creating monetization opportunities.
  • The texting app is very light in terms of how much of your phone’s memory it takes up, so you should always have it close by just to be on the safe side.

What can the seemingly modern and relevant product improve on?

  • There are no voice or video calls. I want to say that it doesn’t matter, but the standards have changed and this is no longer acceptable.
  • Jongla doesn’t let users preview links and, as a result, any link will be a pig in a poke for the other chat participants – not extreme, but still criticism.
  • Safety is by no means Jongla’s strong suit. The TSL encryption protocol that the European product uses just can’t guarantee a proper and modern level of personal data protection.

That is it. Communicate in real life. Communicate online and see you soon!

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