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KakaoTalk review

March 2010 saw the release of a messaging app with a standout name KakaoTalk. 93% of South Korean smartphone owners use Kakao Corp’s product, which is a sign of tremendous support from its homeland. Having been around for three years now, Kakao reported a $200-million profit. The money mainly came from marketing channels, through attracting brands, celebrities and adopting a competent monetization model. The world’s leader in tech product reviews, Cnet, also took notice of the ambitious app and awarded it the top spot in its top texting app rank. In the meantime, Google praised Kakao’s software developer to be the best in the Android biz. According to our calculations, you should be intrigued by now. So, let’s analyze all the benefits of becoming a KakaoTalk customer.

KakaoTalk Video Review

  • Around 140 million users, who use the app in 15 languages, is the first indication of the company being full of ambition and is in no way a sign of the app limiting itself to the promising, but not endless, Asian market.
  • Not only does the messenger let you send texts, but also make calls, using any available type of Internet connection. Additionally, Kakao is available on all mobile platforms, has a PC version and a separate web-client.
  • Group chats are a necessary item on the function checklist of any modern messaging app. However, Kakao decided to take it further and remove the restriction on the number of possible simultaneous members in a single chat. Chatterboxes will be very pleased.
  • If you just can’t find the time to write a text or even make a call, Kakao will help you with the voice message function. Moreover, as one would expect, you can share photos, gifs, videos and your location.
  • KakaoTalk followed the path of transformation into a social platform, where users can keep track of brands and celebs, set personal statuses, get exclusive promo coupons. To top off, users can send real gifts to their friends as well as shop, for example, at Starbucks.
  • The communication client supports hundreds of games – an excellent way of killing time BTW, perhaps even with your online buddies.
  • In spite of extensive cooperation with other companies, KakaoTalk does not take kindly to in-app banner advertising, adding to the ‘pros’ list.
  • There is an abundance of stickers and emojis on offer in the app. The firm didn’t cut back on any other highly-demanded entertaining content, like the fun voice-distorting function when making calls.
  • Each user has the liberty to decide on the app’s appearance and select the theme that suits them best, based on their personal preferences.

Now, having looked over the app’s advantages, it makes sense to single out it’s disadvantages.

  • The messenger won’t allow you to delete or recall a message that has already been sent, which is why you always have to be alert if you want to avoid sticky situations.
  • Kakao doesn’t support the ability to import contacts from other texting apps, leaving you with no option but to do this manually.
  • In 2014, amid a huge scandal, Daum Kakao claimed that it would collaborate with security services. As a result, users rebelled and the company chief was forced to apologize and annul his decision. On the one hand, everything worked out just fine, but on the other, mood swings that concern user personal data security do not inspire confidence.

So, just make sure to watch your back! Communicate in real life, communicate online. So long!


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