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AppMess Review: Wavee free download

AppMess Review: Wavee free download

Standard SMS services were muscled out of the market by instant messaging services a long time ago. And, while mobile operators are losing huge amounts of money, communication giants such as Viber and WhatsApp are walking on air. But there’s another messaging app, Wavee, that is winning on both fronts: not only is it capable…


AppMess News

This week in AppMess News: KIK, Wavee and WhatsApp. You will discover about how Chief of Development Mike Roberts implemented idea of easier way to share the content in the latest update of Kik; new messenger Wavee from the Asian telecommunications giant Singtel; and so long awaited update from WhatsApp that was a catch up of last…


New Powerful Player Steps In the Market – Wavee

Singtel, the largest company to provide telecommunication services to over 500 million users in South East Asia has released a Wavee app, which is expected to compete with Skype and WhatsApp. The app is available for gadgets working on iOS and Android. It allows making voice and video calls, and lets you send messages. Wavee…