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Viber vs Telegram

Unoriginal Copycat. Pavel Durov Accused of Plagiarizing Viber Stickers

Russian software developer and founder of messaging app Telegram, Pavel Durov, has once again found himself at the center of a scandal: Talmon Marco, creator of the popular communication app Viber, has accused Durov of plagiarism. Stickers are the subject matter of the scandal: Marco is confident that the design of Telegram stickers was “borrowed”…

Talmon Marco

Marco Talmon

A US dollar billionaire from Israel, the developer and co-founder of Viber Media, the company, which mde and released Viber Messenger.



Continuing the first part of Messenger Personas, today we will talk about the two founders of the popular messaging app Viber. Talmon Marco Born in Israel in 1973 and having graduated from Tel-Aviv University where he majored in Computer Science and Management, he chose the IT sphere as his permanent area of work. After he…