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Wiper – Music Messaging App Where You Will Leave No Tracks

“Went to have lunch – came up with an idea for a messaging app” – Appmess quotes Meet Wiper – it allows making safe calls, erasing your messages from your friends’ phones, watching embedded youtube videos and exchanging bitcoin with your friends.


Bindle – The Way Group Chat Messenger Should Be

 Let’s be straight – group chat sucks. Group chats have got themselves into most IM apps and they are awful. Remember it, when your phone vibrated and rang every three seconds and all you saw on the screen was spam?


AppMess Review: Snapchat

 Snapchat is a US media exchanging service with a daily audience of over 100 million users. This is the first and, in most cases, only instant messenger for US teenagers. Despite its huge popularity in the USA, it isn’t doing that well in this respect on post-Soviet territory and the app is hopelessly sitting at…