Stay in the moment with Voxer’s Capture

Stay in the moment with Voxer’s Capture

“Capture” the moment with Voxer“Capture” the moment with Voxer

A new feature from VoxerCapture mode – gives users the possibility to seamlessly create photos, audio, video files and share them with each other.

App creators claim that with Capture users will never miss important moments, like a breathtaking sunset or your child’s school play. The best part is that you can share your happiness with your friends!

How do I activate Capture mode?

How do I activate Capture modeActivating Capture is a piece of cake: all you need to do is launch the app and turn your phone sideways, having made sure in advance that portrait mode isn’t disabled on your device.

This action will turn on your camera that you can then use to record video and audio files, snap photos.

  • To record a video you need to long press the record button.
  •  If you feel like taking a photo – just tap the record button.
  • To record an audio track you need to go into audio mode by pressing the respective icon. After that press and hold the record button for a few seconds.

You are ready to go! The created media files are ready to be sent. You can select to whom you want to send the file from your chats or the contact list.

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