It is always nice to find out about large businesses getting involved in fundraising or angel projects. In the framework of Korea’s national Day of the Deaf, South Korean company Daum Kakao, which owns KakaoTalk, decided to show they care about people suffering from deafness and hearing loss.

On June 3rd, KakaoTalk users were given access to an extraordinary emoticon set, designed to engage the deaf or hard-of-hearing in modern-day communication.

Learn Sign Language with Hero” is an emoticon set that focuses on effectively conveying your thoughts or feelings. It gives hearing-impaired people the liberty to socialize like everyone else using KakaoTalk’s very own sign language. The collection features two dozen everyday expressions like “I Love You,” “Hi,” and “Cheer Up!” that are accompanied by the respective sign gestures.

Other KakaoTalk users are also welcome to join in on the fun. Who knows? It might even bring some positive results and help the hearing understand the deaf better and vice versa.

Besides providing moral support Daum Kakao is planning to up the idea financially. The company will allocate KRW 1,000 to the needs of organizations, involved in advocating for the hearing-impaired population. They hope that they’ll manage to draw a lot of attention from the government and the society towards the current issues and difficulties encountered by this population group in their everyday lives.


Participants can follow the trail of events and campaign for the cause on the Daum Hope website: http://hope.daum.net

For the time being, the project’s site states that the emoticons are available exclusively in South Korea and only for the local dwellers.

The company’s management added that they’ll continue to release such products in the future, because they believe that even the slightest efforts are of utmost importance!

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