Probably everyone who uses messaging apps for business and personal communication has at least once been in doubt: are messengers indeed so secure? Some people don’t want others to see their status or their profile photo, someone just hates the idea of sharing their personal information with anyone.

Below are seven professional tips to make your Viber more secure. Initially these recommendations were meant for the Android version. However, they can also be used for iOS and Windows.

Tip 1. Hide your “online” status from other users

viberProbably it happens often enough when you do not want others to see that you are online. For example, you open the app and just want to read your old chats or look at the photos you have received before. In order to hide your “online” status in Viber, go to the settings section, select “Privacy” and untick “Share ‘Online’ Status”. From now on, even if you go online in Viber, people from your contact list will stay unaware of it.

Tip 2. Hide your profile photo from unknown contacts

photo viberOf course, there are plenty of Viber users with similar names and surnames; that is why, if you have a photo on your profile, it will be much easier to find you in the contacts’ database. But if you do not want your photo to be visible to everyone, just go to Viber settings, tap “Privacy”, choose “Profile photo” and select “Nobody”.

Tip 3. Do not save pictures from Viber in your phone’s gallery

All photos that you send or receive through Viber are stored in a separate folder, which can be accessed only via your phone’s gallery. To hide these photos, do the following:

  • download a file manager, like Cabinet Beta or ASTRO
  • navigate to «viber/media/Viber Images» directory
  • make a new file titled “ .nomedia” and save it.

Tip 4. Hide Seen status from your contacts

seen viberIf you do not want your friends to take offence when you do not answer messages that you have seen and opened, there is something you can do about it. Open Viber settings, select Privacy category and untick “Share ‘Seen’ status”. Now, whether you will have read a message or not, your friends will know nothing about it.

Tip 5. Hide your Using App status

viberAll apps and games that you have installed from the “More” section are synced with your Viber app. Thus, these apps are available for your people from your Viber contact list as well. If you want your chat partners to know as little as possible about you, do the following thing. Again, go to the settings, then “Privacy”, and take the tick off the “Share ‘Using App’ status” line.

viber blockTip 6. Lock Viber using a password

Unfortunately, your smartphone may fall into other people’s hands – like, one of your family or friends. A total stranger could get hold of it too. To prevent anyone from reading your Viber correspondence, you had better lock the app with a password. The messenger itself does not have any embedded locking mechanisms. However, you can download plenty of apps for free to do that kind of stuff. By the way, you can make a different password or a pattern to your Viber account from the password that secures your phone. If you are an Android fan and your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, you can use this option to lock your phone.

viber backupTip 7. Backup your Viber chat history

Even though your chat history is stored in the internal memory of Viber, making backups will let you store your conversations outside your phone. Remember, though, – you will never be able to put these backups back to the chat app, since this violates Viber’s policy.

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