Viber Goes for Windows 10

Viber for Windows

viber-windows-10If you love Viber and a PC user, it will be good news for you that Viber is ready to embrace Windows 10. This was info was made public at the Microsoft conference in San Francisco.
Viber, a pioneer among mobile communication platforms, presented a new version of its communication app. The new Viber is totally optimized for the new Windows 10 OS, responsive to screens of various size. The new Viber integrated with the new OS will help users get the hang of the new Windows version.

In the course of conference, interesting new features of Viber were presented. E.g. now you can send messages in Viber via Cortanta voice commands. Integrated with Live Tiles will allow users to connect Viber or any particular chat directly to the start menu. This way, users will be able to receive notifications and there even will be no need to open the app. Now the deep integration of the data from Viber contact cards with the platform itself will make it much easier to send messages and make A/V calls.

viber for windows 10As a confirmation of a strong “friendship” between the messenger and Windows, the chief operating officer at Viber said that the Viber team was really pleased to work with Windows 10 and was happy with the new opportunities Viber developers would receive from the OS. He also mentioned that the unique Windows platform let them make a unique version of Viber. It would allow users switch to a gadget they find suitable at any time and stay fully synchronized without ruining users’ experience. He believes that the integration with Live Tiles and Cortana plus the opportunities for extensibility offered by Windows 10 will make a user feel more comfortable and at ease while communicating through Viber. Viber will keep collaborating with Microsoft in order that users could make the best of the “Viber-Windows 10” tandem.

You will be able to get the new Viber version next year. Well, it’s certainly worth looking forward to!

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