What is it?

Viber’s new and exciting feature released in late November. It’s all about popular public chats, celebrities, paraded brands. For the time being this function is running in test mode only, and it’s impossible to manually create a new chat.


Now your favorite media, brands and celebs are even closer. Twitter lets you read short messages, statements, announcements; with Instagram you can check out your selfies, vacation pics. Viber public chats combine all these capabilities. It’s a mix of texting, which has always been confidential, private pictures – groupies would have gone absolutely insane back in the 60s!


Alas, you can feel that it’s a BETA version. The search box is just horrible. It’s working, but you can never be sure on which devices and when it’ll work. The “follow” icon under every chat will let you have easy access to it and you’ll get notifications on new messages.

Who to follow?

Purple Group

Viber developers’ chat – you are one click away from their lives, thoughts and photos.


If you don’t know what BuzzFeed is, just check out these numbers:

BuzzFeed videos have 1.2 billion hits on YouTube

The website is valued at $850 million

This chat isn’t a backstage pass, but rather the “air vent” from the main site. There you can find the same topics as on the website humor, sports, business, books, GIFs.

Everything Comics 

A chat room purely for comic book fans. Instead of personal correspondence you get the history of comics. Everyday is tells you about long-forgotten superheroes, curious facts and novelties.

Three steps to subscribe:

1. Go to the “More” section of Viber

2. Click on “Add contact”

3. Click on “Scan QR Code”.

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