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Spotify’s tunes now on Wire

Ever since Wire messaging app first came out its most popular functions were the exchange of YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks. In order to please supporters, Wire’s management agreed to work with Spotify – one of the world’s leading music services. Links to Spotify songs can be send directly in chats. You can listen to…


AppMess News #4

In this edition of AppMess News: Peter Hamby leaving CNN to head Snapchat’s News division The young project, Wire, has launched a web-client Facebook Messenger adds free video calling Messenger Secret is seizing to exist AppMess News #4


Brief Case File: Wire

The Next Web had its point when it put the Wire messenger on the list of the most promising 2014 projects, predicting it to grow big and strong in 2015. So why is the messenger so good, and what are its advantages?