It hard to come up with any original product in the messaging app market that is constantly developing. In order to surprise their users, developers are forced to think of something new to outdo their competitors.

Meet Flips – a unique IM service that offers an unorthodox combination of text, photos and videos.

Messenger background:

APPMESS REVIEW: FLIPS●Flips was released on 20 May 2015 by US-based Flips, LLC. Three developers were involved in the project: Anthony Alfieri, Taylor Harnett and Robert Washington.
●Flip’s main feature is that you can use it to combine images, text and videos to make a message. Each word of a typed text can be illustrated with an image or a short video.
●E.g., you want to message “hi” to your recipient. You type it, then tap the word and attach a suitable image or a short video. For example, “hi” can be illustrated by a video with a cat waving its paw.
●Thus, attaching various kinds of visualization to each word of a message will make you forget about boring communication in a chat. Each element of a sentence, right down to a comma, can be visualized.
●If you are unable to think of an illustration to any particular word, just skip it.APPMESS REVIEW: FLIPS
●The app allows using only text messages, images, video and emoji.
●When using the service, it automatically memorizes “text+image/video” combinations users make and saves them to the library. Users can fill the library themselves when they get a minute, that will save their time later when chatting.
●A user can send an invitation to another person to join the app if he/she does not have Flips installed yet.
●The app runs on iOS.
●Flips takes up 44 MB of your phone’s storage space.
●The only language you can choose in the settings is English.
●Flips can be downloaded for free.

App trivia:

●In May 2015, Brit+Co acknowledged Flips the best app of the week.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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