Picture messenger Flips is now available for iOS


FlipsThe constantly tightening market of messaging apps already requires something more than just an app with an original concept; an application at the top of the sales list must be truly innovative. Developers, as Jack Trout used to say, now have to get ahead of competitors, by astonishing users with new features for apps.

Say hello to Flips Messenger, where you can combine photographs, videos, text and emojis. At the interface of all those flip-messages and flipbook correspondence are created.

The idea of flips is the following. A user makes up a phrase, whose each element, including punctuation and emotions, is illustrated with a video or a photo. For example, you can make a selfie with a persistent face to provide an illustration for an exclamation mark or record a video with a cat waiving its paw for “Hello”. Each element may be followed by an audio piece or you can skip this stage – for the sake of a “silent message”.

As you use Flips, you get an embedded library building up, and next time you’re making a phrase the app offers you to take advantage of an element that has already been used and saved. [You won’t have to make the cat wave its paw every time you want to say hi…] Such an option does not oblige you to use it, you can make phrases from different elements next time. Sometimes, it can help save time and effort, though.

Also, when you have a free minute, you can get yourself busy with filling the library with your own words, with suitable video or audio pieces attached.
The Flips Messenger can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store for free.


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