Carlson-Smith Devrin

Devrin Carlson-Smith

Carlson-Smith Devrin

Head of Strategic Development at Kik Interactive

Date of birth: 17 января 1969

Place of birth:

Company: Kik Interactive

Position: Head of Strategic Development at Kik Interactive

Dervin Carlson-Smith is a highly qualified expert who has worked in digital marketing for over 20 years.

Dervin was among those who witnessed the digital and mobile revolution era in 1980 when it impacted and transformed other industries.

This person held top positions in various holdings, i.e. Microsoft, Cable and Wireless, Publicis Groupe, TBWA Chiat, Droga5, Big Fuel, etc.

This huge professional experience helped Dervin gain an understanding of the right digital strategy that he helped numerous corporations to implement.
Currently, Carlson-Smith is the head of Strategic Development at Kik Interactive, Inc. This company, financed by five enterprises, founded Kik Messenger in 2009. The user base of this messaging app exceeds 200 M people. Statistics says that every day the number of this app’s users is increasing by 275K.

Carlson-Smith always makes public speeches both for national and international audiences.

Dervin lives in Lower Manhattan with his wife and two children. He is fond of skiing and skateboarding.



Kik is a free messaging app of Canadian origin targeted at mobile device users.

Apart from sending text messages, the app also allows sending images and videos up to 12 MB and supports group chats. It does not offer A/V calls just yet. It does not allow sending voice messages or sharing one’s location either.

When signing up, a user does not have to specify his e-mail address. However, he will still have to provide his name, surname and nickname.

A curious feature of the messaging app is the in-built browser that allows searching for necessary content right within the application.

Pleasant options of Kik also include the absence of ads, offline mode (you can send messages to someone who is offline) and notifications about the status of the messages you send (delivered, seen, sending).