Han Jeanie

Jeanie Han

Han Jeanie

Co-Founder and CEO of Line

Date of birth:

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Company: Line Corporation

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Jeanie Han began her career in the sphere of management consulting right after receiving a PhD from the USC Marshall School of Business.

From 2002 to 2012, Han worked for the Paramount Pictures studio. Being a senior executive, she was responsible for strategic planning and business development. She also took part in marketing activity and distribution of films.

Using her experience in marketing, she easily managed to become part of the Line Corporation team and since 2012, she has been holding a position of CEO of Euro-Americas Corp.
In one of her interviews, Han said that her previous work experience had made her an expert in the sphere of content management. She knew that she could use her knowledge in the sphere of mobile technologies. From her father she inherited an urge not to stay in a place where she feels comfortable and at ease. She is determined to try her hand in different spheres, and is not going to do one job for the rest of her life.

Jeanie has published articles in respectable marketing magazines. Besides, she still teaches in top business schools in US and Asia. She now lives in L.A, US.



Line is a free messaging app of Korean origin, running on PSs and smartphones.

Most options in the app, namely, text messages, A/V calls, file sharing, are free. However, you will have to pay for game-related goods and some sticker packs (Line offers its own signature stickers). The app also allows you to share your location and it supports group chats.

Nevertheless, the main feature of this app is the entertainment platform. The games, apps, utility programs – within three years of the app’s existence, users have downloaded all of that over a billion times. Besides, Line has a social network where users can publish posts and comment on them.

The app is mostly popular in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan. In spring last year, the number of registered users in Line got over 400 M.