Enjoy Undistracted Communication With SOMA

Enjoy Undistracted Communication With SOMA

Messaging apps are slowly taking over the market. Most of them strive for multifunctionality — anonymous correspondence, calls, videos, photos, selfie filters, thousands of stickers, emojis and other features that contribute to attracting users to a specific app. Unfortunately, competition pushes rival developers to take certain shortcuts. This, however, almost completely diminishes the main purpose of messaging apps – quick communication.

Enjoy Undistracted Communication With SOMA

SOMA engineers gave this issue some serious thought. As a result, a new app saw the light of day. It offers users a way to message without getting distracted by supplementary app software, ads, remittance.

SOMA’s key goal is to provide support for basic communication and instantaneous message exchange. Developers believe that user attention should not be divided between messaging and different ads, subscription offers or in-app purchases. It is still unclear how the app will monetize, but for the time being it is free of charge.

SOMA gives users the freedom to chat in groups of up to 500 friends. Similar to WhatsApp, SOMA has checkmarks that show message delivery statuses. The app also offers HD calls.
iOS and Android versions of the app are out now, but the company is planning to release a Windows 10 version of the app for PCs and cell phones.


SOMA messaging app was created at Harvard to foster the improvement of quality communication. The app was developed and published by a San Francisco-based company Instaza, Inc. The given company was founded by two graduates of the Harvard Innovation Lab and is run by the founder of the Make It Happy foundation and the International Day of Happiness with the blessing of Pharrell. The company already has one application to show, social messaging app Coco.

Let’s wish the app team all the best of luck, but before you go, we’ll just leave this here: does SOMA remind you of any other app? Let us know in the comments section!

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