Monaco gets its own messenger – DefTalk

Monaco gets its own messenger

The Digital Age has given the world many possibilities that people earlier thought would be impossible. We can see each other despite borders and distance, the messages are delivered to the recipient in less than a second. We can share a song that we liked or an image, or even express our feelings via stickers and smiles, learn where our friends are at this very moment and about the traffic.

Monaco gets its own messenger
However, privacy of communication and data confidentiality is the price that we are paying for the hundreds of new possibilities. Protection of information has grown from a simple problem into a global curse on the humankind.

Nearly every person using a messaging app cannot shake off the feeling of being followed. Media scandals around interception of photos and correspondence make one doubt that private correspondence is indeed private. Nonetheless, nobody rushed in mass to stop using the apps, even after Edward Snowden revealed that the government agencies were intruding of citizen’s privacy. Firstly, the messengers are much more convenient and have more functions than ordinary SMS and MMS. Secondly, there has been no secure analogs that would protect data better. Up until recently.

The most recent addition in the market is a new product that has already been labeled a revolution in the digital world.

DefTalk Messenger promises its users one of a kind, ultra-protection of data.

Monaco gets its own messenger Its developer, a Monaco-based DEFCOM company, has merged all up-to-date achievements in the area of personal data protection.

DefTalk is based on a unique data protection technology 4xSecure with the following features:

– no user data is stored on the company’s servers;
– connection between the application and the servers is protected with TSL/SSL protocols;
– data is encrypted on user’s end (end-to-end encryption), which makes it impossible to read it not only by third parties, but also by the company’s server;
– personal data is protected on the government level thanks to location of the servers in the Principality of Monaco.

Moreover, the new messenger is quite easy to use having an intuitive design.

Since I am more of a skeptic than a believer in the bright future of personal information, I decided to see what DefTalk is like for myself before drawing any conclusions about the app.

Installation of the new product on my Android phone was simple and clear. The messenger provides basic information about the app right away, saving the time of the user for learning how to use new software. Registration requires minimum effort: you choose your country and your phone number. After you receive a text message with confirmation code and that’s it – you are welcome to use the messenger.

By the way, I waited for the code for only one minute. In case there is any trouble, you can always request another code or a phone call.

Monaco gets its own messenger

So, we are inside. The first thing that any user will look at is the design.

Everything here is top level – nice and laconic. I also want to point to a nice color range. Every detail is taken into account and it is clear that the developers spent a good time on the app’s design.

I was particularly taken by the mascots of the messenger – the superheroes safeguarding the safety of each message. There is a whole family of them – Defman, Defwoman and Defdog! You can find them also in stickers, which, by the way, are divided not only into groups based on the frequency of their usage, but also male and female stickers. This has never been done in other messaging app. DefTalk is the first messenger where these options are available.
Another pleasant surprise is patented by DEFCOM, the messenger’s creator, SmartSmileTM technology, which memorizes frequently used stickers and creates a unique collection for every user. It’s original, interesting and greatly saves time.

Now let’s look at the use of the app. It took me five minutes to figure it out. Thanks to its intuitive design it is easy to use the app even for those people who have never used messengers before.

And now about the communication.

Monaco gets its own messenger
Data transfer speed is excellent. I also liked the option of media file compression – you can send photos with high resolution and without compression, when the quality is important. Also in the settings you can find the option of whether to save photos to the media gallery or not, which is very convenient, when you don’t want to flood the photo gallery. Naturally, you can choose a photo as your avatar or write your own status. Generally speaking, the overall impression is very positive.

Now, let’s talk about the feature that makes this messenger stand out from all others besides stylish design, convenience of use and super stickers – the security.

Besides the main protection technology 4xSecure described above, there are a number of additional options. In the settings you will find three quite important functions: message history, password and encryption.

In the message history you can specify the time for storing correspondence in all chats from 10 seconds to one month. Then the messages will be automatically deleted.

Use of password and encryption guarantees that even if my phone is stolen, nobody will be able to obtain information from it.

At the moment, DefTalk is available only for iOS and Android platforms, but the company soon plans to release WindowsPhone and Web versions.

Monaco gets its own messenger

All in all, I really liked this messenger. All details have been thought through. I’ve seen yet a fully secure messenger that would be so well designed with a focus not only on security.

My assessment is 10 out of 10.

There is, however, on drawback! It’s the price of the app. It turns out that DefTalk is not only the most secure messenger in the world, but also the most expensive one. A one-time payment for its indefinite use is US $49.99.

This price shifts the messenger from the generally affordable section to so-to-say premium class product not easily affordable by everybody.

My personal believe, however, is that a good thing cannot be free. If you want to get quality and high level of services, one way or the other you have to pay for it, maybe not at once, not directly, for example by watching the ads.

I think politicians, celebrities, government officials and major businessmen will quickly take fancy to this messenger – for them US $50 is not a big price. For them, the price of confidentiality of some information is much higher, while the possibility to exchange data safely, knowing that nobody can intercept them, cost much more.

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