Telegram Gets News Bot

Telegram Gets News Bot

Telegram Gets News BotThis week, Russian messaging app Telegram got yet another service – a news bot that was set up by information portal

All you need to do is enter a specific command right into the chat and the app will provide you with the latest news reports, current time and today’s weather forecast.

In order to subscribe to the “personal reporter”, use the search box to find @NewspromBot. Once you do, send a random message to the bot to receive a user guide on how to make use of the service.Telegram Gets News Bot

Of course, there are other ways of connecting to the service. For example, click on Telegram’s icon in the information portal’s top-right corner or just follow this link.

Telegram Gets News BotFor the moment, the bot understands only five commands, but their list will definitely be expanded later on in the future. Below you will find the five commands and what they offer:

/date — get the current time.
/last — view the top 5 latest news.
/top — get the most popular news stories over the past 72 hours.
/subscribe — subscribe to the “Editor’s Choice” category and main news.
/weather — shows what the meteorological conditions are like outside.

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