Venux is an innovative application that was design to give you full control over your data. Within a selected group of people you can chat, exchange files and not worry about someone else getting access to your data. Communication via Venux gives you the opportunity to enjoy freedom and rids your head of concern for personal information.

Watchdog app

The app’s been equipped with HIPS and AVPN security systems that senses malicious software or a virus as it is attempting to access you data.

Venux cares your for protection:

  • user passwords and names aren’t stored in their unmodified state;
  • user bases aren’t used;
  • servers aren’t used;
  • only the user can view, send and delete data.


Impeccable data encrypting that cannot be hacked mathematically and that has more than 20 data encrypting algorithms.

A single uniform ID has been created for all Venux users, plus you can integrated it with your favorite cloud storage services. The simple UI and resourceful features will satisfy every user.

Chatting with friends

Create your own social circle – simply add the necessary contact’s PIN code and share photos, videos, book, etc. Watch videos, listen to music and communicate all in real-time. Talk only to the people who are really worth it and stop think about someone else joining in on your convo. You’ll have access to calls and video calls, as well as chats.


Remote service

The app can connect to your favorite cloud services by means of a single unique password for all Venus programs. All of your data that has gone through the app is automatically encoded and saved to the selected folder. Collaboration with the most popular cloud storages has already been established; and they are planning to expand the list of supported services in the near future.


Upon accessing Venus the app identifies your location and file access is automatically granted. The program lock function lets you prevent unsanctioned access to your account. The app will let you access your work computer, even if you are at home.

Find anything and everything

Venux programs are completed with a universal search engine that is absolutely up to the task: audio, video, documents, images, files, file names and so on – you name it, it can find it.

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