People love communicating and those who say they don’t just haven’t found the right conversation partner yet. However, meeting up every day is quite a hassle, since you have to at least get out of the house, which is similar to a feet in this weather. So, in an age when the IT guys are the new rock stars most of the talking and the meet-up venues have moved to the Internet. In other words, it became easier and more difficult at the same time



Is it because you have to at least know your grammar?

No, AutoCorrect will do everything for you. But what really tosses a challenge, weirdly enough, is the amount of quality instant messengers to choose from, since each one is offering their own unique gimmicks to keep the user happy. Stickers, emojis, interface or security? Every aspect is indispensable, even if it looks like a minor detail at first sight.

I was unable to find anything similar on this rather narrow and specific topic. So, having arranged my thoughts in orderly pigeonholes, I decided to start a blog where I will grind away to figure out (along with you) which messengers deserve our attention, taking into account the different nature of their tasks.

It seems that one article should be enough to make a decision, so why make a blog? You know how nobody likes it when people jump to conclusions without knowing the person? To avoid this we will gradually investigate and get to the bottom of this issue. Another thing is that I also plan on posting relevant red hot news and delicious rumors. That is why there’s the danger of getting hooked on this stuff, which is always good ;)

Welcome and see you around!

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