Privates Messenger Review

Ever wished you could “unsend” a text message? Now, the Privates messaging app is giving you this opportunity. The new messenger is all about privacy and despite the double meaning of its name, it is no joke. The messenger’s network is fully secured with end-to-end encryption and there are a number of functions to enhance the ‘privacy’ of your communication even further.

Privates developers say their goal is to provide security to all those who want to make their communications more private.

Messenger background

  • Upon registration you can choose from three levels of security – Mild, Wild and Insane, which deletes a message (as long as it’s unread) after 3, 12, 24 hours.
  • The “unsend” function deletes messages from the sender’s and the recipient’s phone.
  • There is an optional feature that allows users to send ‘reactions’ to messages.
  • At the moment, the app supports text, video and photo.
  • Privates also has a function that prohibits users from screenshotting, forwarding and saving messages.
  • The app is currently only supported on iOS. The other versions are being developed.

App Trivia


  • Dr. Isaac Datikashvili is the man behind the app. He originally created it for transfeering medical records.
  • The developer claims he didn’t realize the double meaning of the name of the app right away. “We originally were going to call it “Private” or “Keep Your Messaging Private” and we didn’t really think about what it meant when we added the “s”,” said Datikashvili.

“Protect your privates” is the company’s slogan.

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